Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Postmodern Musics: Walking On Broken Glass

So this week we were talking about social construction and we read some Judith Butler and some Richard Rorty and some Kenneth Bruffee. We talked about a lot of things like taxonomies and the need to ask the question "why is what you just said persuasive to you" and heteronormativity and the social construction of gender and the body and warring factions of librarians, and so on. And we had chili and rice pudding and banana bread to boot. It was all very exciting.

Before class started something happened, I wasn't paying close attention to that side of the room so I missed it, and Beth's mug ended up on the ground in shattered bits. Immediately everyone jumped up and starting running about getting paper towels and a broom to soak up the spilled liquids and I just sat in my chair doing nothing. The reason for my inaction was twofold: 1) everyone was doing already everything I might have thought to do, 2) the sound of the glass shattering was beautiful and it kept replaying in my mind. So that was the first "music" to come to mind yesterday. I didn't think to take a picture at the time, so here's an artsy picture of shattered glass that I found on the internet:

This leads us to our musics, with the inciting contexts in italics/quotation marks:

 "Walking on Broken Glass" - Annie Lennox
the context was, well, the broken glass on the floor of the classroom

"Meat is Murder" – The Smiths  
"Meat is murder"

"Be Still My Heart" – Postal Service 
"Richard Powers?!?" - Amelia, as she clutched her hands over her heart

"From Russia with Love" - Matt Monro
"from Russia"

"My Body is a Cage" – Arcade Fire
“What about my body?”

"Because We Can" - Fatboy Slim 
"Because we can"

Collide – Howie Day (This one was surprising. I haven't thought of this song in a long time.)
...I don't remember the context. Someone must've said the word collide.

"Peace Like a River" – Paul Simon
“why can’t your identity be like a cloud or a river?”

"Anything Goes" –  Ella Fitzgerald 
"Anything goes"

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