Monday, January 12, 2015

Postmodern Musics - Ceci n'est pas une pipe

No this isn't a post about postmodern music, but rather a post (and likely a series of posts) about the musics that pop into my head while I'm sitting, thinking, conversating, and otherwise engaging in my postmodern theory class.

I feel I need to clarify that this isn't something that is necessarily unique to PoMo (as it is affectionately called). In pretty much every class I take moment of my life, things happen (people say things, birds suddenly appear, etc.) that trigger musics to start playing in my head. In the past I've made half-hearted efforts to take note of the songs that pop into my head so that I can see which arise most frequently, but as it happened several times throughout PoMo today, I decided to make a concerted effort to pay attention to it whilst in this class throughout the semester.

So here's how this is going to go:

1) I'm just gonna list the songs. Without direct context. It's more fun that way, see. (Also I figure I can afford to check out of the class discussion for the few seconds it takes to jot down a song title, but not for the length of time it would take to note the exact context.)

2) I'm going to try and not force musical associations, but rather just let them happen naturally. (At least as naturally as is possible.)

3) I anticipate there will be times when I won't want to admit which songs popped into my head (coughcoughphysicalolivianewtonjohncough) but I'll not censor myself, no matter how shameful.

While I'll not be providing the direct context from the conversation that triggers the songs, I will try to give some sort of context from the class that day. For example, today we talked about Magritte and Foucault's reading thereof. Thus:

So, without further gilding the lily, here are the PoMo musics from the first day of school:

Physical - Olivia Newton John

I Am A Rock - Simon and Garfunkel

Changes - David Bowie

The Space Between - Dave Matthews Band

I should probably note that at one point we were talking about Zen koans and the phrase "the sound of silence" was explicitly said, but Simon and Garfunkel's classic of that name didn't come to mind until someone else in class said something about it. You'd think that since Art and Pauly had already made a foray into my mind earlier in class that an encore performance would be inevitable in such a situation. But it wasn't. So while the song did eventually find its way into my head, its presence wasn't organic so I don't list it here.


  1. I like this project.
    are those all in the precise order they popped up in?