Thursday, February 26, 2015

Postmodern Musics: Paralogy and Punk Rock and Economics and...who knows what all else

So PoMo on Monday was quite a ride. We talked about all kinds of things and the conversation kept swirling around and I'm not quite sure that I totally have a handle on what happened, and I kinda felt like that was the point? All I know is that I was more vocal and vehement in class than I normally am, and as I left I was rather uncomfortable with that. I dunno. It was a weird day. I feel like it was an important day, and a cool one, but a strange one all the same. Mostly, I just came away feeling like this:

Wide-eyed, a little bewildered, but also having rather enjoyed myself, I think. (Quick note, the baby in that picture has "blepharitis" which is why his right eye is a little swollen. I did not have blepharitis on Monday.)

Music played an extremely important role in class on Monday since one of the articles we read expressly talked about punk music and its relationship to our subject material. As such, there were a whole lot of musics that were expressly referenced in class. I made a big long list of them all, but I decided that rather than include here on this blog all the songs that were listened to, played, or directly discussed in class, I would instead only include the songs that fit the mold of what I've been listing up to now. Which is to say, I'm only listing here the songs that occurred to me because a word or phrase that someone in class said was similar enough to a song lyric to hit the play button on ghetto blaster in my mind. 

And with that, on to the musics:

"American Pie" - Don McLean
"The day that grades go live my phone rings."

"The Humans Are Dead" - Flight of the Conchords
"the humans are resilient"

"Agony" from Into the Woods - Stephen Sondheim
"Agonism, he calls it agonism." (This song actually came to mind about a dozen times because the word "agonism" was said at least that many times.)

"My Body" - Young the Giant 
"Do I rebel against my body?"

"Communication Breakdown" - Led Zeppelin (I actually started singing this song when it popped in)
"Something communication, communication something"

"Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall
"Suddenly there is diversity"

"The End" - The Doors
"We are at the end"

Bonus - Free Jazz

Several times in class now this tune has come to my head. Not because of any specific words or phrases, but because the subject material we talk about reminds me of it. I nearly just started playing it in class while John was talking to illustrate a point, but I didn't. Though now I wish I had. It's also a propos because this week Greg Clark, one of my BYU professors and a highly influential figure in getting me to where I am today, published his new book Civic Jazz: American Music and Kenneth Burke on the Art of Getting Along. Anyway, I linked to the tune in an earlier post because I referenced it in my last paper day paper, but it keeps coming to my mind so I've decided to include it again. It's actually an album-length song by Ornette Coleman entitled "Free Jazz."

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