Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sonograms and Love Jones

So recently I've been thinking about the different personal filters that people employ when deciding which aspects of their life they deem appropriate for posting on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. I don't believe that there are any hard and fast rules about this, and more often than not I can jive with pretty much anything, but there are times when I read things that make it through the filter and can't help but to marvel.
The example that most recently brought up this question: "Just got back from my first sonogram. No baby yet." I just want to go up to this girl who had a love jones for my freshman year roommate and ask her why she thought sharing that information was a good idea. Does she realize the many implications of what she is saying? The undesired insights into her life to which we are now privy?
...I could go to greater lengths about the different ways in which this phrase could be understood, and I had originally intended to discuss the subject of the need of stricter filters at greater length, but something else has caught my attention. I just decided that this post would do better to be dedicated to talking about the phrase "love jones." Rather than explaining this phenomenon myself, I'll let "The Brighter Side of Darkness" do it for me. Take it away gentlemen.

Can we please bring back Soul Train?