Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sam At Rest: A Photographic Journey

Date: May 2013
Location: Over Home
State of Sleep: Mostly-Relaxed-Yet-Somewhat-Tense - expecting to take a nephew to the gut at any moment 

Date: July 2011
Location: Teddy's White Toyota Corolla - Provo Center Street
State of Sleep: Fully-Unconscious - Sam wasn't meant to work an 8-5 desk job

Date: July 2011
Location: The Most Uncomfortable Chair in Emery
State of Sleep: Fitful at Best - the nearby couch arm was helpful, but the blood drained quickly

Date: January 2013
Location: The Warm Embrace of My Boostability Snuggie
State of Sleep: Contentedly Stressed - probably should've been reading something, probably never folded those clothes

Date: July 2010
Location: On a Bench Next to a Fire in the Mountains
State of Sleep: Had-Been-Out-In-the-Sun-too-Long Bliss - the mild taste of red phosphorus helps


  1. Oh man, sorry the nephew was probably my child. To bad at didn't get a picture of you in the JFK airport or on the entertainment center at yearbook camp. Truly a talent.

  2. Please explain the gnome of 2011.


    An interested one

  3. Impressive. There is an element of question in each of these photos. 1. The mustache 2. the gnome 3. Why we can't somehow get any other couches in the Emery house 4. the monkey blanket 5. the match