Monday, May 4, 2015

Proof That the Mustache Is My Family Heritage

Here follows a brief sampling of the remarkable facial hairs found in my family tree. While there are many photos of my progenitors rocking some truly wonderful beards, neards, and other similarly glorious mouth foliages, I've decided to focus on the mustache. At least for now. (All images courtesy of

Anders Andersson - 2nd Great-Grandfather

Christian Rhody Nielsen, Sr. - 2nd Great-Grandfather

Thomas James Dunn, Jr. (left) - 3rd Great-Uncle 
Harvey Alvaro Dunn, Sr. (right) -  2nd Great-Grandfather

James Robinson Parry - 3rd Great-Grandfather

Crandall Dunn (left) - 2nd Great-Uncle
Harvey Alvaro Dunn, Jr. (middle) - 2nd Great Uncle
James Thomas Dunn (right) - Great-Grandfather

James Wilburn Welker (left) - 3rd Great-Grandfather
Anna Pugh Welker (right) - 3rd Great-Grandmother - not mustachioed

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