Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Brain Is a Jerk

But for real. He is. He's like that guy who shows up after all the work is done and pretends to be disappointed that he can't be of more help. He shows up just when his usefulness (in its proferred capacity) is of no use because there are other things to be taken care of. Just now I sat down in class and he immediately started saying, "Hey I want to do that thing I've been dragging my feet on all summer. Whadya say? Oh, you have to go spend an hour and a half doing something that you're obligated to do and that is sure to suck any and all motivation? Well darn. Maybe next time." Except he knows that there will be no next time. Or at least it's gonna be a long while before he comes back again. Like I said. He's a jerk.

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