Monday, April 7, 2014

What About Love? (as in, I'm referencing the Heart song, not flinging an existential question out to the universe)

I've been listening to 80s lady rock all morning as I'm TCB. And by TCB, I of course mean this:

Anyway, I've come to the decision that I think I was an 80s lady rocker in another life. Except I don't actually believe in "other lives" and all that jazz, but if I believed in that kind of thing, and if my life didn't intersect with pretty much all 80s lady rockers, (making it pretty much impossible for me to have lived my 80s lady rocker life and still get done in time for me to start my current one), then I would think that. That's the only reasonable explanation. Because, well here, listen to these first, then we can talk:

What About Love? - Heart

Pat Benatar - Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Goodbye To You - Patty Smyth

Edge of Seventeen - Stevie Nicks

EG Daily - Better Off Dead (I went with the scene from the movie on this one. If that bugs you, sorry.)

Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler 

Ok sorry, that was the wrong video. But it's from a fantastic movie that you should see if you haven't. But here it is for real:

I say it's the only reasonable explanation because there's something about these songs (and many others like them) that just resonates within me. But see, it just doesn't make sense with my current life. They're all singing about love lost and/or forsaken and/or longed for, and I don't really identify with that message. So the only reasonable explanation is that this was me in another life


At least I didn't think I identified with these songs.


As I'm writing this I'm forced to wonder if maybe I do identify with that message of longing for love. Maybe my music taste is trying to tell me something about my subconscious Petrarch-esque desires for love. 

Then again, this song has been stuck in my head off an on for the past several weeks and I have no idea what it's even about:

I know, it's not lady rock, but it's awesome. I don't understand it at all, but it's awesome. And nothing like the lady rock discussed earlier. All I really need to know is that at around the 3 minute mark when they hit the key change, drop everything but the drums, and start clapping something inside of me leaps for joy. Like, the pure joy of Rocky jumping around in the ocean to celebrate beating Apollo Creed in a race kind of leaps. 

So maybe the real moral of the story here is just that 80s music is the best and we can leave it at that. It's the music of my soul. Okay, I think I say that kind of thing a lot. So instead let me say that, at very least, it's the music of of my Monday morning, rainy spring day soul.


  1. I started listening to the first couple and thought you needed to include the better off dead and then I looked down the list, ahh that screaming! Good stuff!

  2. Thanks for the scene from The Way Way Back. The most surprisingly fantastic movie since Dan in Real Life.