Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You're the Voice

Sometimes I'll be writing a paper and I get stuck or discouraged. That's when I remember that scene from Hot Rod where this song is playing:

To be honest I wasn't a big fan of Hot Rod. Some of my roommates might hate me for saying that, but yeah, not a huge fan. But for all of its faults (and there were enough that I'd be content never seeing this movie again), I do owe it a debt of gratitude for introducing me to "You're the Voice."

This song, however cheesy it may be, has an uncanny ability to refocus my attention and get me back to the task at hand. It makes me realize that yes, I really can be and even already am "the voice." Therefore, I'm not gonna live in silence and I'm not gonna live with fear. I do in fact have the power to be powerful, and ohhhh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Also, it has bagpipes in it. How could I not be inspired?

(This is me resolving to be the voice...in case that wasn't clear.)

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