Friday, August 29, 2008

Day or Night; Rain or Snow

The last few nights, as I have been out and about, there has been something different in the air. A combination of several things has filled me with an expectant, apprehensive and euphoric mood. It's the slight crispness of the air. It's hearing my peers discuss classes they will be taking starting next week. It's thinking to myself, "I need a new pencil before school starts." It's in the birdsong that gently drifts down faintly as smoke from a chimney. It's seeing the maple trees with their leaves all tinged with brown edges. (That may be a result of a lack of water but we'll take as a sign of autumn in this instance.) It's hearing young men and women across Provo laughing and pursuing gaiety in these last few days of freedom from the oppressive hand of academic progression. It's a combination of these things, which are but a small sampling of the many that could be listed, that has induced my uncertain excitement for that which lay ahead.
I have long held that Summer is my favorite season. For during the summer it seems, if but for a small season,  that the world relaxes somewhat and that life slows down marginally from it's breakneck speed. (I realize that, as I am still in school, my perceptions of reality and somewhat skewed and that perhaps my views on this subject are probably not widely held, but I can see the world through nobody's glasses but my own and you must, therefore, bear with me here.)
While those few months of ease from the stress of the rest of the year are wonderful, there is a special feeling that comes with autumn. Autumn brings with it a renewed vigor for life and increased desire to improve and make one's self better than ever. There is a rejuvenated enthusiasm that seems to bring the world into sharper focus and really makes one appreciate the beauties of the world that are all around.
It is this heightened perception of the world around me that has brought into ever clearer focus the love that I have for being a sports fan.
The summer, while a wonderful time for sitting back and lazing away the endless afternoons, lacks in great measure that added spice to life that comes from following with fervent care the progress of sports. The only sport worth following through the months of June, July and August is baseball. And baseball, while truly being the great American past time, lacks the intrigue to keep one's interest peaked throughout the entire summer. The Olympics did a good job of holding off the unrest caused by the dearth in sporting news, but their short tenure led to a short-lived sports fix.
But with autumn, sport returns in full force. And leading the fray, is college football.
Anyone at all acquainted with myself or my family knows the deep and residing passion that resides in our souls for Brigham Young University Football. As today the long-awaited  season officially starts today, and as I will be fortunate enough to be present for it's inception, a full summer's worth of pent up emotion, anticipation and excitement are sure to come spilling out of me with as much fervor as my skinny self can produce. 
Much has been said throughout the news world about the high expectations for this season and great lengths have been gone to in effort to acquaint us with the team therefore I shan't delve into that  realm. But I will merely say; Ra Ra RaRaRa. Ra Ra RaRaRa. Ra Ra RaRaRa. Gooooo Cougars.


  1. Ah yes . . . I can see how the aroma of "bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils" (name that movie) leads one to "rise and shout" whether in "rain or shine." It's great to see how the righteous traditions of the fathers are being passed onto the rising generation!

  2. I miss BYU. I miss BYU football. David and I went to the first Auburn game of the season tonight. It was nice, but I must say that I was more interested in watching the ticker for the updated BYU score than I was watching the AU. I know that I must be true blue through and through, for while all the orange clad fans around me were yelling "War Eagle!" my heart was fervently shouting "Go Cougars!!"

  3. Oh, fall. I love fall in Provo! There are so many big trees that drop huge piles of leaves to shuffle through on your way to class. And if you go to the 5th floor of the library and look out of the south windows, you can look all across south Provo as the leaves change. It's a truly amazing sight! Then there is the crab apple and peach trees down by the FARMS building. And then there is the roar from the stadium . . . ahh, "is there any felicity in the world greater than this?" (name the movie)