Thursday, January 24, 2008

And so it begins...

So I've joined the technological age and created a blog for myself. I do not do this of my own accord or volition. It's actually just an assignment for my English 150 class. But I, with cheerful disposition, will take upon myself this ever so daunting task of informing the world of the various happenings in my life.
And so it is that in this, my first official post, I decry the existence of the word "blog" and its use in reference to scholarly efforts such as this one. I feel that we, as a people, should abandon the use of this word. It is demeaning. It sounds like something stuck to the end of a quarter that you've just pulled out of your nose. This connotation therefore establishes, at least in my mind, a minuscule value to mine and others' words.
As we all know, the word blog is an abbreviated form of the term "web log". Have we become such an amazingly lethargic society that we can't bring ourselves to pronounce just one extra syllable in describing our efforts to document our lives? Blogs (shudder) have become the modern form of journal keeping in many instances. Are we willing to have these attempts to inform our progeny about the events that shaped and molded our lives described by a word that brings to mind a muculent substance? I say that we should not stand for this. As a matter of principle this should not be.
It being 12:33 in the morning, I will now rest my argument. One fundamental question still stands. What can be used to replace the word blog in our vocabularies. I don't claim to have all the answers and therefore appeal to the masses to help me in my quest to find an adequate replacement noun and verb, and mainstream it into our society.


  1. Weeeell, look who's joined the information age. I'm very pleased at the prospect of Lil' Brudder having a "blog." I think it ought to be filled with the hilarity that the text messages you send me are--you know what I'm referring to. As for another word for blog, it's too late. I believe it's official. Both Merriam and Webster agree that it's a word. Nice try. And about Neil--how can you speak such heretical words? Neil does not belong in the public sphere--especially not the musical sphere.

  2. HAHAHHA, glad to see you have a "blog" and let's be honest I am not the brightest sister you have but I had no idea blog was short for weblog. And really we have been a lethargic society ever since I can remember. Just look at how people in Utah talk. Moun'in (short for mountain), Lay'in (short for Layton), etc. Why change who we are?